Write SEO optimized content writing with chatgpt and rankiq

Ai content writing with chatgpt complete guide

RankIQ is one of the best keyword research tools. It also provides a content optimization option and creates reports. Whenever you create a report in your rankiq based on your keywords, you will have options to optimize your article based on your report. Rankiq report suggests which tags and words should be used in your article and how many words an article is required for this keyword. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can write an SEO optimized AI article with chatgpt and rankiq.

ChatGPT is basically an AI content creation model that allows users to generate content, codes, quizzes, Video scripts, and much more.

This article is a basically rankIQ Review as well as a complete guide on how you can do professional AI content writing.

1. get low-competition keywords from Rankiq

First of all, rankiq provides a long library of keywords, you need to find out the best and low-competition keywords from the library.

Low competition keywords give us more chances to rank higher, for new websites rankiq keywords are the best and key to success.

Find keywords from rankIQ keywords library.

  • Login to your rankIQ account and Click on “Keywords Library“.
  • After that Search your Niche in the Filter box.
rankiq keywords library

Now you have filtered your Niche keywords, the next is to get low-competition keywords.

Filtering Competition

Keep in mind, for a new website you need to filter keywords as shown below screenshot.

Comp: 0-20

Rank: UF {Ultra Fast}

When you filter this you will get the lowest competition keywords listed below.

rankiq ai content writing filter

Now we will have a list of keywords with low competition. We just need to click on the report, a report will be generated.

Review your report and see how many words you need to write and we are going to start AI content writing with chatGPT.

AI Content Writing with ChatGPT

As we know, chatGPT by Openai is one of the best AI content writing tools. This tool is the number one writing assistance nowadays. I’m going to tell you the best promt to use to get best results and articles.

Look at Rankiq report and get requiremnts

In rankIQ report, there will be clearly mentioned that how many words article we need and which kind of tags we need to add in our article.

rankiq AI content writing report

In your keyword report, you need to find out the requirements. As you can see we need an A++ grade in the sample above the Screenshot and 1430 words minimum.

Now, you need to just click on the Content Optimizer button to optimize content.

Simply Copy the Required Tags from the sidebar and save in your Text Document.

That’s all you need to copy and now we go to ChatGPT.

Open your Chatgpt playground https://chat.openai.com/.

Ai content writing chatgpt promt

“””Keyword: {your keyword}
Write an article of at least 4,000 words, also use the words below words in the article. The article should have proper headings, subheadings, and paragraphs SEO-friendly.
{List of Tags copied from rankiq report}“”

This prompt works like a charm, The results as you can see in the below video tutorial are charme.

I hope you find this AI content writing tutorial very well, if you have any question or suggestion you can comment below.

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