How to rank Fiverr gig on first page in 2024

rank fiverr gig on first page 2024

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where multiple freelancers and buyers find each other. The buyers try to search in the Fiverr search bar and find suitable gigs for their desired service. In this article, we are going to learn how to rank Fiverr gigs on the first page using some tricks. Fiverr ranks the gigs on top that are highly optimized as well and meet the client’s requirements. If your gig is not well optimized your gig is not gonna go on top.

A youtube video how to rank fiverr gig on first page

How to rank Fiverr gig on first page

First of all, we need to understand the factors and gig seo. When someone searches on fiverr for their required service, the buyer tries to get good reviews on seller profile and eye catching gig image.

As well as try to add your portfolio images into gig images.

Understanding the Gig Ranking Strategy

First of all, we need to understand where the tags apply on Fiverr.

Heading of the gig is H1

The gig heading leads to H1. For example, whenever we search on Google the H1 tag is most important for ranking any article. So you need to understand that whenever you add any gig on Fiverr, the H1 is the heading.

Pricing and packages are h3

Whenever you write pricing and packages for your gig, these and considered as h3 tags. So now you understand the importance of h1, h3, and h3 in the SEO field.

Fiverr gig Description

Fiverr gig description is considered as paragraph or an article.

Follow the steps to rank your fiverr gig on top

Keyword research and find low-competition keyword

The keyword here is meant to be your service tags. For example, if your service is related to any topic, you need to find low-competition keywords with high search volume. Below are examples of high-competition keywords and low-competition keywords examples.

Low-competition Gig Example

Low compitation keyword on fiverr

In the above image, the tag “auto blog” has only 636 gigs available on Fiverr. It means on this keyword the new gig can rank higher very soon. In that way you need to search and find low-competition keywords for your gig.

High-Competition Gig Example

High competition gig example

In the above screenshot, the tag “WordPress” has high competition with 108,196 search results. It means on this keyword we can not rank our gig easily.

I hope with the above examples you understand the ranking factors and you can try to find low-competition keywords for your gig.

create SEO optimized gig using ChatGPT

After finding the low-competition keyword, you can easily create a stunning Fiverr gig. I’ve also provided the video above you can watch it carefully and create a stunning Fiverr gig.

Prompt to get Fiverr Gig FAQs

Write FAQs for fiverr gig . Gig title is "Write here your gig title"

With given above prompt, you can get Fiverr gig FAQs by just placing enter in chatgpt openai.

Prompt to write SEO-Optimized Fiverr gig Description

Write a Fiverr gig description. Gig title is "Replace your Fiverrr Gig Title here"
 The description should have emojis to be used in headings as well.

With the given above prompt, you can get Fiverr gig Description by just placing enter in chatgpt openai.

Design gig Image Using Canva

Gig featured image is very important in your gig appearance. That’s why I recommend you design your Fiverr gig through

In Canva you can search for Youtube Thumbnails and customize for your gigs.

Add proper tags

While creating your gig, you need to add tags properly. The tags are very important for search results.

Gig Pricing

Your gig price should not be too high or too low, if your competitor offering service for $100 you can offer it for $80.

to rank Fiverr gig on first page using pricing

Write your gig keyword in the packages as shown in the screenshot.

In the screenshot, Auto Blog is the keyword used in the Pricing and Packages.


The Fiverr gig ranking depends upon the competition of your service and the quality of work you provide. The pro tip is to only provide the services that you can actually do.

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